Friday, March 25, 2011

A Nosey Nose that Knows best...? I am crazy

I haven't felt like the luckiest person to ever get knocked up. I mean, I'm happy and all but I seem to be getting ever stupid symptom possible already and it freakin sucks! My synuses(sp?) are swollen shut and I cant breathe, and my nose runs all day every day and I keep coughing. And I'm getting morning sickness every freakin day. I can't wait to get fatter so all of this sucky part will go away! haha. I know, I'm a big complainer but I feel like I can't even go anywhere because I feel so nauseous all the time.

Anyway...I have my first doctor's appointment on april 5th unless I can find one sooner. I'm getting pretty excited though. I'm pretty sure that here soon they will (hopefully) be able to tell me the sex of the baby. =) and you know what that means? I can waste my night making registries for baby stuff, which is the most fun part of all this! haha.

I'm luckier than most I guess, in the sense that since I feel sick all the time, I really don't over eat or get cravings or anything, so hopefully I wont have a hard time losing weight afterwards- hopefully I won't get that huge. *crossing fingers* to go sleep some more. wooooooo

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