Monday, May 24, 2010


I live my life for me and me alone. I'm not here to please you or displease you. In fact, I could care less what effect I have on your person. I'm tired of people thinking I need to live up to their expectations. I'm doing just fine, I do believe

Wednesday, May 19, 2010



We got a new kitten. Stupid right? righhht. Hopefully it'll give the cat someone to play with so she'll calm down. That was our original plan anyway. lol =)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More waitressing rants

The other day two women came in to eat. While the other was in the restroom, I went to ask if the women sitting at the table wanted anything to drink. At first she said she would have sweet tea, then as I turned to leave, she stopped me. She asked quickly where our shrimp were from, to which I replied that I wasn't sure. Anyway, she told me that she refused to eat foreign shrimp. It turns out that we get our shrimp from indonesia, and I told her that. After a few minutes of looking over the menu, the women decided that there was nothing they could eat, so they paid for their drinks and left. What's the point of this story? She was driving a Hundai! Freaking moron! She won't eat foreign shrimp because she's all patriotic or whatnot, yet she drives a foreign car. hahaha

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Words of a Waitress


As most of you may know, I am currently a server at a seafood restaurant out in Hilliard, and I have been for 3 years now. I think I am the worst person for the job, only because I am not a people person in any way, yet my job involves me working with people all day. If I could think of a perfect comparison of myself to a character that people would know, I would say I am like Naomi from waiting. I sit in the back yelling and carrying on about my horrible customers, then walk around the corner with the biggest smile you have ever seen; completely fake, yet so amazing. haha.

In my time I have spent at St. Suck(my name for it) I have been annoyed by many things that customers do. Here are a few.

1. When people pronounce menu items the wrong way. Example: I-talian dressing, with emphasis on the "I". Saying Mowee instead of Mahi, which is written how it is supposed to be pronounced. Or saying Ala cartay instead of ala carte, because you are too low class to say things properly.
2. When people ask for ridiculous things. Example: One time I had a man ask me if I would get him a bowl of croutons with only the dark brown ones in the bowl. I have also had a man ask me to bring him his steak already cut up for him.
3. When people ask for lite ranch dressing. It is still made with mayonnaise, you are a moron! If you want to lose wait that badly, eat a vinegar based dressing!
4. When an obviously obese person asks for an All you can eat portion of fried food, with fries and a baked potato(two carbs) with extra butter and sour cream, and a huge bowl of extra ranch to dip everything in. I will not pick you off the floor when you go into cardiac arrest. You are fat for a reason.
5. When people openly show the reason that they aren't fit to be parents yet, or at all. Example: When you let your brats run around all over the restaurant or run in front of every waitress, so you have to dodge them; will I get in trouble when your little brat gets hot coffee spilled all over him when he's skipping through the restaurant?! How about when you let your one year old feed their self, and fling and spill food all over the floor, then you leave the mess and don't even tip me well to make up for it. I ought to start setting brooms and dustpans by your table so you can clean up after your own self.
6. Stupid people who ask stupid questions. Example: "How much is the All you can eat? Oh...well can me and my wife split it?" WHAT? or "How many shrimp come on the 30 piece" or a new one I heard the other day, "do you guys have soda water?" We are in Hilliard, at a 2 star restaurant you spoiled tool! "can I get diet coke and regular coke mixed together?" and that is going to do what for you?
7. When people think tipping poorly is ok. Example: When I get two dollars left in a brochure inviting me to your church. Yes, that makes people really want to attend your church. Ha. Or when someone says you're an awesome waitress, and personally takes the time to put the money in your hand...and it's a dollar. Yah, I would want to run away before the server saw that embarrassing that you can't afford a tip. Or how about when I wait on a large table who leaves me a 5 dollar bill! ridiculous!!! How about this? If you can't afford to leave a tip, go eat off of the dollar menu!
Yes, I am in a ranting mood today. Those are just a few things I thought I would share. Enjoy. lol

Life is beautiful


Right now, things are seeming pretty wonderful on my end. Last week I picked out my wedding dress, which is gorgeous by the way. Things are also going really good with me and my family, which is awesome.
I have removed pretty much all idiots/crappy friends from my life, which should have happened a long time ago, but now is good too. lol.
Better oportunities are opening on for me and chad too, which is so awesome.
Life is beautiful. =)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Touchy subject

Am I the only person who thinks that in order to be faithful to your spouse, you must be faithful with not only your body, but with your eyes as well? No female can live up to these expectations you're setting for them. They don't have perfect bodies, and apparently don't fit into this "fantasy" mold that you base your standards for women on.
Guess what though, porn stars and strippers aren't real! Hair extensions, hair dye, boob jobs, tummy tucks, tanning beds, etc....this is what these women are made of.
It pisses me off that every guy in the world idolizes these women like they're beautiful, and they are not; not in any way.
How can you feel good about getting off to these nasty women, while killing any small portion of self esteem that regular women have? Yes, I am a regular women, and it pisses me off.
NEWS FLASH, even models look "average"...some of them are even ugly in person. Every picture you see it altered to look appealing to you. And yet, that is the type of women that you are attracted to. Yes, I'm sure I would look great too, if I was 6 ft tall and had an eating disorder. It's pathetic.
And back to the pornography subject, would any of you actually want to date these women? They sleep with thousands of men, and probably have every disease known to man. Please explain to me why this is so appealing?
I guess I'm fighting a losing battle.
I guess I will continue to be unappealing because I'm average. haha...
Today's culture is so ridiculous.