Friday, July 12, 2013

My daughter has quite the little personality now. Seriously, I just watch her sometimes, and she cracks me up. It makes me a little sad though, because she has started growing to quickly. And if she changed this much so far, I know it will all keep going at that speed. I don't want to forget any of her little quirks, so I thought I would jot a few of them down for reminders later down the road. 1. A little of the crude nature, but babies like to take their diapers off, or try to grab at them when you change them. Whenever she would do that, I would say "Eww that's nasty Ava!" to get her to stop. So now she actually says "Eww sassy" to me whenever she's got a full diaper. So funny. 2. Just like every other little kid around, she has discovered phones. She used to just push buttons, but now she actually picks up my phone and says "Owoo?" which I guess is her version of hello. lol 3. We are learning animal noises, but the only one she will repeat is "doggy, arf arf". She is obsessed with them...I think that's a sign she wants a puppy. 4. She is obsessed with the few body parts that she knows so far. Which means "does" and "bee bee bee" which is toes, and belly(belly belly). At first I thought she understood somehow that mommy has a baby in her tummy because that's really what it sounded like she was saying. Oh well. It's still cute. I'm sure there are more that I am forgetting but for now, I just wanted to share those few. <3