Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More waitressing rants

The other day two women came in to eat. While the other was in the restroom, I went to ask if the women sitting at the table wanted anything to drink. At first she said she would have sweet tea, then as I turned to leave, she stopped me. She asked quickly where our shrimp were from, to which I replied that I wasn't sure. Anyway, she told me that she refused to eat foreign shrimp. It turns out that we get our shrimp from indonesia, and I told her that. After a few minutes of looking over the menu, the women decided that there was nothing they could eat, so they paid for their drinks and left. What's the point of this story? She was driving a Hundai! Freaking moron! She won't eat foreign shrimp because she's all patriotic or whatnot, yet she drives a foreign car. hahaha


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Gotta love Hilliard ethics :) keep these stories coming i love them!

  2. lol thanks. I have plenty. Can you tell how much I love my job? *sarcasm ebbes out(sp)