Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Touchy subject

Am I the only person who thinks that in order to be faithful to your spouse, you must be faithful with not only your body, but with your eyes as well? No female can live up to these expectations you're setting for them. They don't have perfect bodies, and apparently don't fit into this "fantasy" mold that you base your standards for women on.
Guess what though, porn stars and strippers aren't real! Hair extensions, hair dye, boob jobs, tummy tucks, tanning beds, etc....this is what these women are made of.
It pisses me off that every guy in the world idolizes these women like they're beautiful, and they are not; not in any way.
How can you feel good about getting off to these nasty women, while killing any small portion of self esteem that regular women have? Yes, I am a regular women, and it pisses me off.
NEWS FLASH, even models look "average"...some of them are even ugly in person. Every picture you see it altered to look appealing to you. And yet, that is the type of women that you are attracted to. Yes, I'm sure I would look great too, if I was 6 ft tall and had an eating disorder. It's pathetic.
And back to the pornography subject, would any of you actually want to date these women? They sleep with thousands of men, and probably have every disease known to man. Please explain to me why this is so appealing?
I guess I'm fighting a losing battle.
I guess I will continue to be unappealing because I'm average. haha...
Today's culture is so ridiculous.


  1. The guys who only go for chickies like that are shallow and really rather gross. That's what I love about my man, he loves the thicky thick girls (and yes there's porno for that too haha!) all guys like different women!

  2. lol...I guess I'm weird. I hate all of it. Maybe it's the low self esteem thing but I am just not ok with guys looking at naked women all the damn time. It's gross.

  3. Your not weird, I dont let Marc go to strip clubs anymore that too me is one step WAY too far.

  4. I def agree, to me, that would be cheating, unless the significant other consents it..? idk. I wouldn't...but I'm a prude, and too self conscious for all that mess.