Friday, March 11, 2011

Hello World

Hello Fellow Bloggers or whatnot. Wow...I'm a terrible person to follow I think, since I go months at a time without posting anything at all. I guess I just feel like there are certain aspects of my life that I shouldn't bother other people with? I dunno. Maybe I'm just a better follower when it comes to this sort of thing. Oh well.

What's new with mollie? Hmmmm well I'm still working at the crack shack, which is just great. *dripping sarcasm*. Don't get me wrong, there are so many worse places that I could work. I'm just at the point that I honestly don't feel like I can take this branch of customer service anymore. I'm sick of waiting on rude non-tippers, parents that can't control their beastly children, and people who look down on me because of my profession. It's ridiculous. I think what upsets me the most, is that I'm good at my job. Of all the things to be skilled at, it's the most unimportant thing I can imagine...and it sucks. I just feel like if I had any potential to be anything great, it has continuously faded the longer I have stuck with the resturaunt business. I just want something more...I want a break. I think I would rather work for minimum wage for a while, than stick with this. It's become so severe that I find myself lashing out for no reason. Hah...maybe I'm just crazy? I wouldn't doubt it.

While I'm on this negative path, I also would like to take this time to say that I hate where we live. It's awesome to be in jacksonville because of the convenience, but our apartment managers are rude. I just, I don't know really...I think I'm just becoming one of those people that needs to pack up and move every couple of months(which is crazy since I hate moving). I guess another thing that upsets me, is that this place was supposed to be a new start for me. I wanted to change my bad messy habits. I wanted to be the cute little housewife who cooks and cleans and has everything looking wonderful. I think I failed in about a week.

On another note, I feel myself pulling away from almost anyone. I'm just so tired of the judgemental attitudes of family or "friends" or anyone. I'm just tired. I just want to go into hiding for a year or two. Who knows, if I do maybe I'll be one of those crazy people who finds some kind of artistic awakening. lol

Ok, so I know that I just ranted a bunch of psychopathic babble for all of this, but hey...maybe I will get back into writing more often and make a little more sense with things. Yes? okkkk....

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