Sunday, March 20, 2011

A grape? really????

I'm starting to feel that tiny bit of doubt in the back of my mind for letting the "cat out of the bag" , so to speak. I'm happy, really I am, and everyone is acting all excited...which I must admit, the attention is kind of But I'm still not at that point where I know everything is ok, where I know exactly what's going on with my body or anything really. I'm still waiting to hear back so I can get a real checkup. I dunno...I'm just nervous I guess.

But since I'm a crazy person, I was looking up foods to eat and not eat, and it brought me to all these pages where it tells me what's going on at 9 weeks, which is how far along the doctor thinks I am. Apparently my baby no longer has a tail, which is a relief for most moms to hear I would think. haha. Also, the baby is about the size of a grape. A freakin grape! So I look like a cow, and I only have an extra grape inside of me??? How ridiculous is that? It really is amazing though. I just found out the other day, and I'm already taking all of this on pretty well I think. I'm even a little bit excited. Crazy huh?

I am way more tired that I usually am, but I think I still need to wake myself up early every day, or at least at the same time, because I don't want to sit around doing nothing all the time. I feel so unmotivated, and it sucks. I need to clean and do laundry and read(which I haven't done in a little while). I just feel blahhhh...but I guess it comes with the territory. I actually am trying to get a hold of "What to expect while expecting." I think I may look on amazon, and get it used. =)

Ok, enough crazy, ranting from the queen of moodswings.

Peace out homies?


  1. A grape, wow!! Do you have any morning sickness or anything?

  2. only a little, mostly just extremes from being starving to not wanting anything...which I can't say is completely bad. lol