Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dream House

I hung out with my friend heather yesterday for the first time in FOR-E-VER and we watched "The Last Song"...sad movie, with terrible acting on Miley Cirus' part, but who can really pass up a Nicholas Sparks inspired sob fest? Not this girl. Anyway, I absolutely fell in love with this house in the movie, so it kind of sparked my interest.
So, I am in the process of planning my non-existent future dream home. =)
I have decided that no matter where we live, I realllyyy love plantation homes. Like "Gone With The Wind" style plantation homes.

Beautiful right?

And obviously, if you are lucky enough to have such an amazing house, you can also afford an amazing driveway leading up to such a great house. I found this picture that I thought was pretty but not quite right actually. I think maybe more of a Brother's Grim look for me would work, like with the really pretty old trees, completely making a cover over the road...Imagine this, I'm sure it would work better!!

And the last important thing on my list so far, is the one thing I really want/need in a house, and that is a library. I have also wanted a library like the one from beauty and the beast, but as long as it has plenty of shelves, and giant windown, with maybe one window seat thrown in for good measure, I will be living a dream! I think I would even make that my little sanctuary...throw in a piano and a bunch of comfy sitting chairs. And don't forget the giant sliding ladders.

Ok, that's enough silly dreaming for the day. I will save this list, since of course we're going to win the lottery. =)

Ha ha...have a good weekend!!

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  1. Aww dream house planning is sooo fun! I love seeing everyone's different ideas...because's everyone's different dream! I could totally see you in that house, perfection!