Saturday, April 2, 2011

The past few days

So I have been feeling quite productive this week..well, in comparison to me the rest of my life I suppose. haha. We took a grocery run to winn dixie to stock up on things we can actually do for meals at home. We eat fast food so much, which not only makes me feel like a giant grease ball, but also is way more money that we could be saving. I've found actually, that I am having a hard time finding anything that doesn't look gross to me. I think working in a resturaunt makes it worse, but anytime I smell something that seems like it's soaked in grease and deep fried, it's a total turn off to my taste buds. I actually want to stock up on some grapes, strawberries, bananas, and pineapple which sounds ridiculously awesome right now! I'm upset that I didn't get some already..haha.

The past two nights we have eaten pretty yummy things for dinner, or at least I think so..and my tummy agrees! The night before last we had tortellini in spaghetti sauce with garlic bread. Last night I made shephard's pie, yes...I MADE IT which is a pretty big deal since I burn water. haha..there's a picture of the awesomeness lol

Today has been a pretty good day too I think. Chad has the ENTIRE weekend off with me! wooohoo! So today we cleaned the entire house. It smells so nice. haha.

Ok, that's enough from me today I think.

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