Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So here lately we have been thinking a lot and have been trying to work on plans for the not so near future; like in the next 5 years. Ava will be old enough to start school by then, and to be honest, I do not want her going to school here on the northside, which is too quickly becoming more and more dangerous. So we have decided to send her to one in nassau; callahan to be specific. The only issue with that, is we have to have a callahan address in order to do so, so we were thinking about building a of these actually:

Pretty nice, right? and by then we should have everything established to be able to do so, and Chad will be moving up even more at JEA, so...yah. Pretty exciting stuff I think.

I have also decided that I want to go back and get my Associate's degree so I can get a job up there as well. Obviously not doing the same kind of work though. lol.


  1. Those houses are so cute! What is JEA again? I can't remember!!! I love you plans, I need to get our finances in shape OMG!

  2. it's the jacksonville electric authority, or the major electric company here in awesome, well-paying, retirement included job for chad...and maybe for me later

    We need to get ours straight as well, but I think we are headed in a good direction, especially with him having a good job. If I get on up there, I'll make enough for a sitter too, so I won't have to worry about figuring all that out