Friday, April 23, 2010


I need some help, everyone. In the very near future I am told that I will be partaking in an audition (against my will) , and I need a list of songs for such an occasion.
The only tricky part, is that I've been told my voice is "too broadway-ish", so I need a song that tones down such characteristics, since this audition isn't for a musical.
"Near to You" by a fine frenzy, and "heartbreaker" by pat benetar are some I already have on my song list.
Any other suggestions?


  1. do we get to know what the audition is for and why it is against your will? My vote is for a fine frenzy :)

  2. awww but I need lots of songs. lol. and it's for american won't get very far if I get on, but I still "have " to audition. says

  3. I vote "Near To You" :) I bet you will do great!